Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Koenigsegg CCX - $540,000.00

About  Koenigsegg CCX:
Koenigsegg CCX is the cousin of Koenigsegg Agera R and it is the moderated version of CC-CCR. The main purpose to make this car was to create it like Swedish Koenigsegg Agera R. mainly the purpose was to manufacture like American car.  
Koenigsegg CCX - $540,000.00
Koenigsegg CCX was first introduced in 2006 (Geneva Motor show). It stands against Coupe X. which was famous since 10 years and was made in 1996.  
Koenigsegg CCX - $540,000.00

Price: $540,000.00:
Therefore what are the changes was brought in Koenigsegg CCX. There are lots of amendments made in Koenigsegg CCX. Such as the front bumper and the body. Head room was increased by 2 inches to fit every type of driver. Koenigsegg CCX‘s engine is quit new to be able to run on 92 fuel.
Koenigsegg CCX - $540,000.00

Performance of Koenigsegg CCX:
Koenigsegg CCX’s engine is created by carbon and Kevlar and it is the great modification which makes it light weight. Koenigsegg CCX‘s looking is so nice and sleek. It can run 121 miles/hour. The wheels of car are made of magnesium alloy.  If we compare them with other wheels these are lighter because of carbon and Kevlar.  To give stronger stop power there are 14.2 inches disc breaks are fixed in all wheels.
Koenigsegg CCX - $540,000.00

Koenigsegg CCX’s engine is V8 which alike Ford modular engines that were in cc/ccr.  But it can take as a new engine. It has aluminum blocks and two super chargers and they produce boost of 17.6 plus psi. Koenigsegg CCX has 805 horsepower with 92 octane gasoline.
There is no doubt this car was made with the purpose to make fastest and extremist car of the world and every person can dream of this car.

Koenigsegg CCX - $540,000.00
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