Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ferrari Enzo - $644,000.00

About Ferrari Enzo:
Ferrari cars are well-known cars in whole world. Although these cars are most expensive cars of the world but all people know them very well and wish to have them. When Ferrari Company thought to manufacture Ferrari enzo they first thought about what will be the coast of new Ferrari enzo.  
Ferrari Enzo - $644,000.00
Price: $644,000.00
Ferrari Enzo speed:
Ferrari enzo have 650 horsepower and it is most expensive and fastest cars in the world. It was created by using 1 formula technology in 2002.aMany specifications have been increased as these features were not in existing f1 car like active traction control and aerodynamics. 4 valves per cylinder of V12 engine is first edition in new Ferrari enzo. Ferrari enzo were got 3rd number in international sports car in 2002. Accordingly it also got 4th number in motor trend classics.

Ferrari Enzo - $644,000.00
Ferrari enzo’s designer is Ken Okuyama. Ferrari enzo was introduced in 2002 in Paris motor show. Then its price was $ 659,330. Ferrari has been designed by f1 gear box and there are paddles for clutch. It can cover 100 per hour in six. six seconds. Ferrari enzo led light is situated right on dashboard and it indicates to driver to use proper gears.

Ferrari Enzo - $644,000.00
Ferrari enzo drive is quiet difficult and challenging because there are just 399 unites manufactured. Ferrari enzo racing abilities are some of specifications that are hard to find in another car. The important part of Ferrari enzo is that when it crashes the left amount of car could refund, recently this amount is $1,000,000.It would be very some times but very delightful scene to watch Ferrari on the road.


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